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A Meme... by Ken Levine:
Who, what or which?

Who is more famous? John Denver or Bob Denver? Bob Denver

Who was better on CHEERS? Shelley Long or Kirstie Alley? Shelley Long

Which show was better? THE BOB NEWHART SHOW or NEWHART? Yeesh, that's tough! Okay... Newhart, but only because otherwise we'd never have met Larry, Darryl and Darryl.

What show is better? MAD MEN or BREAKING BAD? Mad Men

Who do you love to hate more? Simon Cowell or Ann Coulter? Ann Coulter (Simon's at least entertaining. Coulter's just shrill.)

What’s the most hated team in America? The New York Yankees or the Dallas Cowboys? Yankees, definitely

What’s better? Coke or Pepsi? Water. I don't like most sugary carbonated beverages.

Who’s the best Jr.? Ken Griffey or Sammy Davis? Sammy

Who would get rustier going through a carwash? Robocop or a Transformer? Robocop

Who is more famous? Carrie Fisher or Eddie Fisher? Carrie (Eddie would've looked lousy in the Princess Leia bikini costume.)

Who’s more famous? Sweet Caroline or Caroline Kennedy? Sweet Caroline

What’s worse? Brussels sprouts or cauliflower? Okra

Who’s better? Sean Connery or Daniel Craig? George Lazenby

Which is better? Mac or PC? PC

Who’s scarier? Jason or Jigsaw? Who can tell? I watch that kind of movies with my hands over my eyes... and that's only if you've managed to drag me to the theater.

Who’s scarier? Faye Dunaway or Sarah Palin? Dunaway, definitely
Who has the better cereal name? Coco Crisp or Sugar Bear Floyd Rayford? Coco Crisp (It's just more fun to say.)

Who’s more annoying? The Progressive Insurance Girl or the Geico lizard? The Geico gekko

Who’s a better hitter? Alfonzo Soriano or Carlos Zambrano? Zambrano (Just ask that Gatorade cooler he wailed on last summer!)

Who’s funnier? Jon Stewart of Conan O’Brien? Craig Ferguson

Who has the best lousy pizza? Dominos or Pizza Hut? Dominos

Who is more famous? Marilu Henner or Mary Lou Retton? Marilu Henner

Which is better? Facebook or actually having friends? Friends, hands down!
You can play if you want to. Tag your own self.

Smartest dog ever?

(A tip of the cap to the Sweetheart of Shell Knob, MO!)

Clearly I love photography... but I also know and love some pretty cool photographers, too. Erica has really come into her own since she got a hold of a real camera instead of using her cell phone all the time. Go here and see.

My taste buds have really changed since I quit smoking. My favorite snack in the whole wide world (next to tasty, tasty bacon) used to be salt and vinegar potato chips. Now I can breeze right through the salty snack aisle without blinking. What's happening to me???

I did find a new bit of naughtiness to tempt me at the checkout at my local Walgreen's, however.

"Who pays $.33 for one lousy piece of caramel?" I thought.

Then I tried one. Oh. Dear. Lord. Forget all the other flavors -- just get the Original Vanilla.

Buttery. Creamy. Gooey. Melty on the tongue. Trust me -- they're positively sinful... and worth every penny!

(Don't believe me? Buy me one and then sit back and watch my eyes roll back in my head in ecstasy and the happy chair dance that follows.)

Word of the Day: "Artichokie"

Boobs of Justice? So that's what you call them? Not according to Blogthings:

You Should Call Your Boobs "The Iliad & the Odyssey"

Happy-Making Story of the Day:

"We all looked at each other," Weiser said. "I said, 'I'd be glad to teach him if you get permission to use the room.' And she did."

That boy brought friends and soon Weiser had so many students he needed to call in fellow club members to help with the classes.

"It really spread," he said.
Yep. It makes me smile.

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