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Aha! Now I see where the Straight White Guy first got his fully warranted fear of zombies:

1 1/4 oz lemon juice
1 oz dark rum
3/4 oz orange juice
1/2 oz cherry brandy
1/2 oz light rum
1/2 oz high-proof dark rum
2 dashes grenadine
Usually these drinks are saved for Halloween-themed parties, and judging by the amount of alcohol contained in one zombie, you should only really be drinking them on special occasions. The drink made its debut in the 1939 World’s Fair in New York. It’s reputation for swift inebriation was so well-known that in 1940 a song about the dangers of drinking too many called “Abercrombie had a Zombie” was released. And yes, too many of these will have you walking like a zombie. Har har har.
See? Fats Waller warned him:


Dwile Flonking? Sounds like a great game for your next blogmeet...

(And, lest you think the author was yanking your leg, see this... and this. And here's a site where you can do a little virtual Dwile Flonking.)

I think I need this book for my curiosities reading shelf, in fact.

A couple of Blogthings:

You Are Adventurous
You are quite adventurous and brave, but you are also reasonable about it. You don't have to be on an adventure 24/7.

You have good judgment and balance. You like to try new and exciting things, but you also pay attention to risk.

You're not the type of person who would throw your life away just to go on a new trip or have a new romantic partner.

You like your thrills in small, safe doses. You are gutsy in all aspects of your life from career to relationships.
... and...

You Should Travel by Sailboat
When you travel, you really prefer to carve your own path and do things your way.

You want to go at your own pace and do as much yourself as possible. You despise group tours.

You don't travel from a schedule or plan... you just go with your intuition.

You believe that travel is more about the journey than the destination. And you'd like to sail away into the sunset!
Why? Because I can.

Quote of the Day, The First:
"If these people don't think I'm at least a bit of a nutter, I've failed miserably in my quest to be a little more weird everyday." -- Trudy Seabrook

Quote of the Day, The Second:
"The fate of the $3 nachos is unknown." -- Steve Schmadeke

While I feel very, very sorry for the Westie's owner, I also feel sorry for the worker who made this mistake:
Hospital employees were cleaning the indoor cages when a worker took the female pit bull and put it in an outdoor kennel and then put Tootsie in the adjacent one, according to the report.

"[The pit bull] had chewed through the cage and pulled Tootsie by her head and neck through the opening," the report said. When someone checked on the dogs, it was too late.
Unless you've ever tried to buy an indestructible toy for a pit bull, you simply have no idea how powerful their jaws are, and how fast they can chew through just about anything.

If I hadn't seen my own sweet granddog pop a tennis ball like a gumdrop, shake her head, smack her lips and go pppptttui -- spitting out an entirely fuzz-less and flattened former orb in less than 10 seconds -- I wouldn't have thought it possible. I'm guessing even a cinder block wall would be about a 5 minute job for a motivated pit bull to chew through.

What a shame, all the way around.

Giggle of the Day:

Betcha didn't know a dog could beat-box!

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