Leslie's Omnibus

Screw Loose

You try sitting next to a black guy who treats you to monotone versions of American Pie...

...Tracks of My Tears...

... and My Way...

...in a deep, gravelly, Leon Redbone mumble...

...and those little ditties coming between discussions with invisible people on the subjects of Don McLean, Jon Bon Jovi, the Rat Pack (and especially "The Chairman of the Board" -- "I like that cat."),  and keep a straight face.

Just thought I'd share...

Giggle of the Day:


Quick Stop

Suzette has also ordered the latest Robert Caro biography in the Lyndon Johnson series:

My note to her:
"I wonder if George R.R. Martin is Robert Caro in disguise. After all, they both write about politics, power and characters who display both noble and ignoble characteristics. And they both take for freaking evah to write the next volume of a series.  Hmmmm...."
For those in the know, which one of them said this?
"Nobody believes this, but I write very fast."
Okay, after you've picked yourself up off of the floor and stopped laughing, go here to see.  But really, it could have been either one of them.

On The Radio

Ear Worm of the Day:

I have no idea where that came from.