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Book Your Ticket

I just started reading Cryptonomicon, and as a result I have a terrible ear worm:

I haven't thought about that little ditty since childhood, but one of the main characters in this book is named Bobby Shaftoe -- hence the tune in my head that just won't go away...

Lover's Lane

Too sweetly funny not to share:


The Great Wheel Turns

The leader of a body-snatching ring responsible for stealing the bones of veteran broadcaster Alistair Cooke is dying of bone cancer, his lawyer has been revealed.  
Michael Mastromarino, who made millions of dollars by illicitly harvesting skin and bones from corpses, was given his last rites two weeks ago in a New York state prison.  
Bone cancer has spread through the 49-year-old former dentist's entire body. 
Karma -- It's a beautiful thing.