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Karma meets Darwin Award Winner:
The man killed in a rollover crash on the Eisenhower Expressway Wednesday while followed by his alleged robbery victims was an eerie coincidence.

Jeffrey Banks was one of three men in a Ford Excursion that flipped over near the California exit ramp as two robbery victims were following them from an earlier hold up at a gas station at 63rd Street and Wentworth.

Three years ago Banks was involved in almost the same crime in the same place.
Some fools never learn.

On the other hand, here are two guys who are changing their karmic patterns:
Fitzpatrick and Brown contend that in the evolution of a street thug, kids in elementary school can still be diverted form a path blazed with fists and pistols.

"This is where we've got to reach them," Fitzpatrick said. "And they'll listen to us because they know us, and they know we've been there."

The men say that, for them, transitioning from gang life was like trying to get untangled from a thorny bush. They did it bit by bit, fell back more than once, swallowed the pain of extrication. They don't want these boys to feel that pain.

"They learned what they learned on the streets from people like us," Fitzpatrick said. "So the people on the streets should be the ones who go into the schools to help straighten this out. You can't teach this from a book."
Well done, gentlemen. Keep up the good work.

Jihad Gene is still up to his ears in family stuff so I'm forced, once again, to get the party started.

"It's Friday! Let's Dance!"

Me? I'm dancing with myself:

Elisson pops the earbuds in his ears and he is, too.

Suzette wants to know "How you like me now?"

Billy Sweetfeets Gingersnap Norton is Too Sexy.

Desert Cat is rocking the belly-rubbing music.

Ann T. Hathaway says you can take all of her.

And you?


Paul has strapped on his Rocket Skates.

Giggle of the Day:

Betty White has good reception

Happy weekend, everybody!

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