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Roadside Diner

I was in the tony Gold Coast neighborhood in Chicago earlier today, as I have a bunch of photos to mat and frame for the silent auction at the upcoming ceili to benefit Seanachai Theatre Company on June 11th.* I was really hungry by the time I was done, so I stopped for a bite to eat at Bistrot Zinc.

There's nothing in the world I like better than a lovely assiette de charcuterie when I feel like flinging caution to the wind and inhaling cholesterol like air. Bistrot Zinc serves up a gorgeous plate with silky goose liver pate, garlic hard salami, cornichons, brie, chevre, raw walnuts, fresh fruit, crostini and a dreamy house blend of Dijon mustard with sherry reduction sauce. Paired with a satisfyingly dense Pere Jacques Belgian-style ale, it was a meal fit for royalty, and as good as anything I ate when I went to Paris. For $25, including a healthy tip, it was a bargain price for a sumptuous feast.

*Email me if you're interested, and I'll forward the details. This event is a blast!

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