Leslie's Omnibus


Recycling -- it is good for the earth!

For my friends who never leave home without their camera -- be a bee spotter.

This flight attendant carries more clothes than I would for 10 days... but her packing techniques rock!

Ear Worm of the Day (er... Week?):

This has been floating through my brain for days. Lovely, isn't it?


JihadGene said...

I needed to hear this looong time! Thank you, Leslie.
You're the best!!!

Teresa said...

Cool - I love packing tips! I'll have to give some of this a try. I have that same suitcase. LOL.

Desert Cat said...

I learned that rolling trick a long while ago, but I am definitely impressed that she manages that much in that little space.

Nor Grebnief said...

I'm pretty much rolled and wrinkled myself ... wonder if I can manage to squeeze into a suitcase next time I travel? Interesting link ...

Joanie said...

packing tips much appreciated with travel coming up this week and again in July. I do roll my clothes frequently, but not always...so now I know why I should do it all the time!