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Bus Fumes

Once again the top of my head threatens to blow like Mount St. Helens Eyjafjallajökull:

The mother of one of the four [insert unprintable language here] upright citizens who gunned down and ran over Tom Wortham -- a combat veteran and Chicago police officer, not to mention an activist trying to take back his neighborhood from gang bangers and hoods -- in an effort to steal his mortorcycle, had this to say about her son and his cohorts:
"I don't feel like all those guys have to pay for that one mistake. You know, it was all a mistake on everybody's part, including the people that shot and the one's that died," Lucille Floyd said from her West Side home Friday night. "I feel like we need to let it rest and go on with our lives."
Adding insult to injury, she had this to say about Officer Wortham's father, a retired policeman who tried to save his son, ridding the world of one of the four hobgoblins in the process:
"For him to shoot them they way he did, in cold blood... because being an officer, I feel like he should have had knowledge of how to hit those children without killing them," Floyd said.

(I'm with SCC on this one.)


diamond dave said...

The police have an apt term that they refer to these types of people with. They call them oxygen thieves. As in, a total waste of breathable air.

kerrcarto said...

If you don't want your little angel getting shot. Teach them not to steal from people.


Some people are just colossal jewels of blithering idiocy.