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The Ricketts family is a class act:
Just because the Chicago Cubs haven't played in a World Series in 65 years doesn't mean they don't know what to do around championship games.

And, in this case, the right thing is to step graciously aside.

So the Cubs agreed to allow WGN-AM 720 to air all of the Chicago Blackhawks' Stanley Cup finals series with the Philadelphia Flyers, including three games in the best-of-seven playoff that conflict with scheduled ballgames.

Rather than push the Hawks down the dial to the weaker signal of WIND-AM 560 as they make their first trip to the finals in 18 years in a bid to win their first Stanley Cup title since 1961, the baseball team is temporarily waiving its power-play status on the 50,000-watt flagship station they share.

Go read this whole amazing story about the young men of Urban Prep:
Urban Prep is big on ritual.

Every time one of the high school's seniors gained college acceptance, he swapped out his red tie for a striped red-and-gold one — until an electrifying day in March, when all 107 seniors of Englewood's Urban Prep Academy for Young Men donned striped ties.

On Tuesday, they established another tradition.

The students, in their trademark uniform blazers and ties, publically (sic) announced where they would attend college. For the first graduating class of Chicago's only public all-male, all-African-American charter high, the declaration was monumental. Many of the students at the school, which is in one the city's roughest neighborhoods, are the first in their family to go to college. Only 4 percent of them read at grade level when they started four years ago, school officials said.
A tip of the cap to every one of the class of 2010, and to the teachers and administrators who got them there. Well done. Well done, indeed.

(More here on why this is such an enormous accomplishment.)

Quote of the Day:
"There's more cleavage in this film than at a pro wrestler's wedding.

"And crotches, have we got crotches for you." -- Roger Ebert
And you thought he didn't like SATC2...

Giggle of the Day:

Charlie Delta's garbage bin?

Ear Worm of the Day:


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