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I left my laptop at work for an entire week at the beginning of this month. As a result, my reading list for February is off the charts:
  • On Hallowed Ground: The Story of Arlington National Cemetary, Robert M. Poole (history, military)
  • The Bride Wore Chocolate, Shirley Jump (chick lit, romantic comedy, recipes)
  • The Secrets of Mary Bowser, Lois Leveen (black history, espionage)
  • Silent Tears: A Journey of Hope in a Chinese Orphanage, Kay Bratt (biography, China, culture)
  • Baking Bree, Sara West (chick lit, romantic comedy)
  • The King's Hounds, Martin Jensen (history, mystery, England)
  • The Girls of Atomic City: The Untold Story of the Women Who Helped Win World War II, Denise Kiernan (history, culture)
  • A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table, Molly Wizenberg (biography, food, recipes)
  • The Rose of Winslow Street, Elizabeth Camden (historical fiction)
  • The International Bank of Bob: Connecting Our Worlds One $25 Kiva Loan at a Time, Bob Harris (biography, finance)*
  • A Wilder Rose, Susan Wittig Albert (biography)*
  • 47 Ronin, John Allyn (historical fiction, Japan, culture)
  • The Discovery, A Novel, Dan Walsh (fiction)
  • The Professor and the Madman: A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary, Simon Winchester (biography, history)
  • Dead Wood, Dani Amore (detective fiction)
  • Frankie in Paris, Shauna McGuiness (chick lit, culture)
  • Mommy Had a Little Flask (The Tales of Imperfection Series), A.K. Turner (chick lit, humor)
  • Mud Season: How One Woman's Dream of Moving to Vermont, Raising Children, Chickesn, and Sheep & Running the Old Country Store Pretty Much Led to One Calamity after Another, Ellen Stimson (biography, humor, culture)
  • For the Love of Livvy, J.M. Griffin (chick lit, humor)
  • Bootstrapper: From Broke to Badass on a Northern Michigan Farm, Mardi Jo Link (biography, humor)
  • Uneasy Lies the Crown: A Novel of Owain Glyndwr, N. Gemini Sasson (history, Wales)
  • Shot on Location, Laurence Shames (screwball comedy, mystery)
  • James and Dolley Madison: America's First Power Couple, Bruce Chadwick (history, biography)
  • Murder in the Library, Steve Demaree (cozy, mystery, humor)
*The most inspirational thing I've read in quite a long time.  

**Without Rose Wilder's tenacity in dealing with her mother, the Little House series never would have seen the light of day.

Started, but discarded:
  • Stop the Wedding!, Stephanie Bond (I love her mysteries, but this romance novel sucked.)
I'm even scaring myself a bit with that list!

On the Radio

Thanks to Beth Donovan and this funny pic posted on FB... ... I now have this stupid song wedged firmly between my ears!


Beautifully said, sir!