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Quote of the Day:

Og rocks. (And I snorted coffee halfway down the hall when I read his post.)

In Chicago Blackhawk fever reigns supreme. Hawk gear is selling like hotcakes everywhere, and even cultural icons such as the lions in front of the Art Institute of Chicago are sporting the Indian.

Michael Jordan is looking reedonkulous rockin' the red jersey:

But the place where it really gets nuts is down in the comments here, where the true Hawks fans find fault with the color of his helmet.

We've truly lost it, folks.

(P.S. -- Go, Blackhawks!)

For all you fans of Chicago blues, I've got good news -- Buddy Guy's new joint is finally open for business!

What? You don't know who Buddy Guy is???

He's the one on the right. There ya go.

For Erica and Elisson and Eli Hizzownself, Giggle of the Day:

And for Denny. Can't for get him!

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Joanie said...

Og is very funny. And I could have told him what the results would be, saving him the trouble and pain of finding out firsthand.

Buddy Guy's new place is supposed to be AWESOME! Now I really need to head up your way. (I wanted to go to the blues festival this year, but I'm sticking to the west coast this time...next year)

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