Leslie's Omnibus

Auntie Omnibus...

... needs a costume. Here's what I'm thinking:

1) A tee shirt with the "Omnibabe" micro bus logo from my header printed on it.

2) A tutu from here or here.

3) A girlie, feminine wig.

4) Some stunning tights.

5) Fairy wings.

6) Sparkly eyelashes.

7) This official fairy wand... with a credit card glued smack in the center of that butterfly.

8) My Stetson... with this tiara instead of a hat band.

9) My trusty boots.

10) Red lipstick, because you know I'm gonna leave a mark.

Okay. How's that picture working for you?


Nancy said...

Bou *blink*

Northwoods Woman said...

ummm is it Halloweenie already?

my word verification is genlish.

Omnibabe said...

Nope, not Halloween. I've dusted off the magic wand to sprinkle a little happy dust over a couple of kids lately... and I think my alter ego needs an identity all her own.

Sam said...

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