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I don't know about causing earthquakes, but this dress sure did cause a hush in the room and chins to drop at my company holiday party.

Join in the Boobquake.

Maybe we can set the world on its ear, one stupid Muslim cleric at a time.

(And really, who would you rather pay more attention to -- him... or "the girls"?)


Joan shows you exactly why the Jolly Roger goes, "Argghh!"

Peedee shows off her tan lines.

The Advice Goddess shows us how she got that moniker.

Do goat boobs count? (They certainly are... curvy...)

Miss Nancy shows how her garden grows.

Plumcake inadvertently supports the Boobquake!

Citizen Sourpuss says, "Take that, bearded holy man!"

Five Feet of Fury checks in.

Wonder Woman makes the earth move.

L.L. is not the same as LL... but she rocks the rack... and make her Wisconsin counterpart proud!

Her Bad Mother shows us just how bad she really is.

Are you feeling the earth move yet?

Whoa! Apparently it works -- there was a 6.5 magnitude earthquake on the coast of Taiwan!

Double Whoa! According to Nancy it gets "even weirder: there was an earthquake in TEXAS of all places, just west of Corpus Christi." (Yes, yes, it was Saturday night. But the seismic shift occurred round about the time I got the tripod out...)


Commemorate your participation with a tee shirt from Blag Hag, founder of Boobquake.
(Listen to her here... and listen to Nick swallow his tongue more than once! And, yes... blame my participation squarely on Nick. Follow Jen's Boobquake Tweets here.)

Yay! Cripple-lanche!

Thanks, Denny:

Funny Animated GIFs - God Bless You
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God bless you, my friend!


peedee said...

Viva La Boobs!! Thanks for the link girl!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Brian Cotter said...

Love the post - MyPleasure has an interesting article on Boobquake as well: Boobquake 2010 – Can Cleavage Cause Quakes? http://wp.me/pEH4i-8O. Show your support with MyPleasure and save 15% on All Nipple Toys. Use Promo Code BOOBQUAKE: http://bit.ly/5KtEGI

Nancy said...

even weirder: there was an earthquake in TEXAS of all places, just west of Corpus Christi.

Mike said...

I think something moved....

Desert Cat said...

Ah, the famous dress, revealed at last!

(Now where'd my eyeballs roll away to...? Daygum velcro didn't hold that time... Do they make polident for eyeballs?)

Desert Cat said...

"Are you feeling the earth move yet?"

*Something* moved, for darn sure. But then again, Gargantua has been known to cause local tremors...

Joan of Argghh! said...

It's a boobielanche!

Thanks for the linky-luv,Luv!

Anonymous said...

Came from Pee Dee, awesome boobage girls!! She posted mine on her blog.

CitizenSourpuss said...

Thanks for the link-love! Showing bewb on the internet certainly drives blog-stats up. Here I thought my days in porn were limited, since my tatas are down around my ankles...