Leslie's Omnibus

Saturday Ramblings

Giggle of the Day:

Somewhere in Hollywood, my girl Kathy Bates is cackling with glee!


Well done.

(I'm a proud supporter, if you hadn't already guessed.)

Quote of the Day:

You'll never think of that breed the same way again. Trust me.

(My apologies to Stedman and Gus and Fiona. And my thanks to Og. I still haven't stopped laughing!)

Great Reader finally pokes his head out from that rock he's been hiding under to say, "It's Soldier Saturday! Let's Dance!" Alrighty then!

Time for a little "Ding Dong Song":

And then there's the rest of the crew:

Billy Sweetfeet Gingersnap Norton is rocking with the River Dancing Chimps.

Peedee hits the beach with the Kings of Leon.

Harper is standing on the corner of where the sidewalk ends and where the music begins.

Ann T. Hathaway has a moving tribute to the 96th Engineers (Colored).

John Ruberry and the Stray Cats are rumbling in Brighton.

I am personally cursing Ken Levine for this First of May ditty that will be stuck in my cranium for at least the next week. (I almost stole it, really.)

What's got your toes tapping?

Update: Kerrcarto wants to know Why Have You Been Gone So Long?



diamond dave said...

The only thing I would've done different in that first video was to exit my car on the driver's side, walking over the offending car in the process.

JihadGene said...

Those dudes with "the tubes" (mortars) just ain't right! Thanks for the LOL looong time!!!