Leslie's Omnibus

In the Rear View Mirror

Thanks to my least favorite morning drive guy, I've had the most depressing ear worm ever... all damned day:

Even more depressing?  I was around for this one back in the day when it first came out, and it hasn't improved over time.

Roadside Diner

With the big football game (that you can't mention by name without a license from the NFL) right around, thought I'd share this cholesterol bomb of a list of recipes from Thrillist (Why, yes, I do subscribe to a site aimed primarily at men.  You got a problem with that?) for your snacking pleasure.  With recipes like Nacho Daddy's Lasagna and Cheesy Buffalo Pigskin Tots... your arteries may be screaming for mercy, but your taste buds and tummy will thank you!

Road Conditions

How cold is it in Chicago?

Cold enough that I might just have to try this and see if it works:


Whoa, Nelly!

What happens when I get half way to the train station and realize I've left both my phone AND my Kindle* sitting at home... and I have NOTHING to read?

Yes, indeedy.

*Love, love, LOVE my Kindle Paperwhite.  Much lighter in weight, adjustable brightness, easy-to-use finger swiping, readable in any light and without the other apps I wasn't using anyway on my Kindle Fire.  If you just want an e-reader, this is absolutely the one for you.