Leslie's Omnibus

Air Waves

Why do I like The Voice so much?
  1. They really do their first picks on vocal talent alone.
  2. The great chemistry between the judges.
  3. They embrace quirky.
  4. Better mentoring than X-Factor or Idol.
  5. Occasionally you get pure magic like this:

I love every one of the talented artists left in this competition, and will be happy for whichever one takes it all.

Crash and Burn

Saw the sad news that Starz is cancelling Boss after this season.  It's a shame on many levels -- but mostly to the many, many local actors were used in the show who won't be doing future episodes.

Damn.  A darkly beautiful show with one of the most memorable and instantly identifiable theme songs heard in a very long time:

Too bad this wasn't on HBO instead.  Maybe then it would have gotten a wider audience.

Oh, well.  Catch it while you can.

Stuck in Traffic

Why don't the pinheads in Springfield feel the need to reform Illinois' government pension problems?  They must not take it too seriously, and who would?  Good ol' Governor Giveaway's master plan rolled out today is based on a spiffy new mascot Squeezy the Pension Python...

... and the school children of the state with red plastic megaphones to rescue us.

But take heart, citizens of Illinois!
"Quinn went so far as to encourage families gathering at the Thanksgiving dinner table to 'speak to each other' about the pension crisis."
Yep.  Talk, talk and more talk by people who don't have a vote in Springfield. That oughta fix it.  After all, that's the Illinois way.

(Let's hope to God that Obama doesn't end up being inspired to deal with the national debt crisis in the same manner.)

Quick Stop

Yeah, yeah, yeah -- I haven't posted in a long time and then two posts right in a row, but who could resist this silly, silly song?

It's almost as contagious as my all-time favorite -- the dreaded Butt Drugs jingle.


You really didn't need a new ear worm?

Down Memory Lane

This video cracked me up, as it reminded me of the Princess Mom -- saying all the right things, but inwardly...


Quick Stop

Now I don't want to think about it again until the ballots are counted and there's a clear winner.  I'm so tired of ugly I can't even stand it.