Leslie's Omnibus

Bus Fumes

Oh, sure. I finally find a sassy summer bag in a color I like that will hold just the right amount of stuff (laptop, Kindle, wallet and camera), has the right handle length and the right number of inner pockets... and it costs over $2,000!!!


(I have good taste. So sue me.)

Time to start the hunt all over again.

I mean, I could go with this funky little number... but it would be a little bit like carrying an expensive psychedelic disco ball bag.

I like the shape and specs of this bag, but that's a lot of money for a purse that looks like it had a fountain pen break inside and leak through.

This big bad girl is gorgeous, too... but is it worth six months rent? I don't think so.


Its really bad when the only bags I like this season make last year's boot purchase (L1105B) look positively reasonable.

Back to the drawing board...


LibertyChick said...

Yeah - I'd be checking out overstock.com instead for a tote!

I also saw a pair of knee high Sesto Meucci boots that I want - which is ridiculous since I now live in AZ!!! I miss fashion instead of dressing so you don't sweat to death!


Nancy said...

I try to make it a policy not to carry a purse worth more than everything carried in it...

Joanie said...

I should hook you up with my purse lady. For reals.

And boots. Don't even start me on boots. This girl needs to replace a pair and I can't find the pair I want!