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Bump in the Road

Remember Densey and Mary Cole and the dream wedding contest at Crate & Barrel?

Apparently having far and away the most votes of any of the couples entered didn't count, and they ended up with an honorable mention.

So... I reached out to Nicola at Tropical Casablanca Hotel, who offered, if the Coles didn't win at C&B, to make their dreams come true anyway.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed and sending up a LOT of prayers. Please do the same, will you?

I'm a die-hard romantic, and I really do want to see this story have a happy ending for the Coles.


Unknown said...

Leslie, I just found your blog while searching for news on the Coles'. I'm saddened by how few people care. Like you I've never met the Coles' though I was forwarded their heart wrenching story and immediately voted for them. Your blog is the first potential positive news I've found. Is the Tropical Casablanca Hotel really going to step up and help them? Is there anything I can do to help? I've never heard of the Tropical Casablanca Hotel, but I guarantee if they come through here I will vacation there in the future!


Omnibabe said...

Actually, Dan, over 21,000 people cared enough to vote, so I think the Coles are pretty well loved. (I also think the people are Crate & Barrel are idiots, but that's another story entirely.)

Things are bubbling behind the scenes with the fantastic folks are the Tropical Casablanca Hotel. Keep checking back for the news!