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There are people in this world that do good things for others. Erik Johnson is one of them.
4 years ago [my good friend] Rob told me he was diagnosed with Chondroblastic Osteosarcoma, a childhood form of bone cancer, and I decided that it was my responsibility, as a friend and teammate, to help him and his family. My way of helping Rob and his family was to raise money to help cover some of the extreme expenses they were sure to have; therefore I decided to start a fundraiser in Rob'sname. I talked with the captain of the competition dance team at the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse (UWL) and organized a dance benefit show with the dance team and 12 football players (Rob and I were teammates on the UWL football team). I was responsible for bringing all the dancers and football players together and creating an amazing event that we never thought would last more than one year. The first two years the show took place I danced in the show and organized a large majority of the responsibilities. The last two years I took a step back and helped on a behind the scenes basis. As the spokesperson for, The Rob Wagner Dance Benefit Show, I feel I deserve to win one of the 3 Lionheart's for the Grand Award because of the tremendous impact this event has had, not only on myself and Rob, but the dozens and dozens of other young men and women who have put in hours upon hours of hard work, sweat, tears and emotion to help another person in need.
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