Leslie's Omnibus

Quick Stop

You write and you write and you write... and what do people end up here for?
  • foghorn leg porn (Estonia)
  • oh f*** o f*** I am never drinking ... (Finland)
  • dog shits (Saudi Arabia)
  • sell by dates see top of cap (U.K.)
  • turtles yelling at snails (U.S. of A.)
It warms the cockles of this girl's heart, I tell you.



Joan of Argghh! said...

From the look of my sitemeter, they're still hunting down boobquake!


Omnibabe said...

Aftershocks, don't you know? I'm still getting hits from the first time I posted in honor of National Cleavage Day, and from a year later when Oom Keesie posted the same picture to his blog.

Boobage pix -- it's the gift that keeps on giving!