Leslie's Omnibus

Road Conditions

Looks like it'll be smoother sailing ahead for the Cubs, as they're getting rid of the dead weight.  Carlos Marmol and Ian Stewart -- buh-bye!


On the Radio

Before the Hawks game, I got a little ear worm:

And you know what?  The Hawks did

Yes, I did the happy dance.

In Memoriam

One of my personal favorite blues/R&B artists, Bobby "Blue" Bland, has passed away:

He left the world a richer place thanks to his music.


Stumbled across this little educational video...

Yep.  That's pretty much the look on my face after a few seconds of narration. 

Want more?

Cool.  Gross.  Hysterical.

If those didn't get at least one full-fledged belly laugh out of you, you're not my kind of people.

In The Rear View Mirror

Saw this shortly before Father's Day, and thought I'd share with those of you who are missing your father today as much as I miss mine:

The most memorable dance I ever had with my dad?  Get your hankies out...

Yes, we both sniffled and smiled our way through the entire thing.

Miss you, Daddy!