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Busman's Holiday -- Part VII

Yes, we're still on Saturday.  Heading home to Camp Grown-Ups for dinner but stopping in New Buffalo to grab one of these and...

... load up at Barney's full service store.  As opposed to 3/4 service.  Or half service.

Consider yourselves told.

'Tis the season.

You don't find brussel sprouts like this at your big-box grocery stores.  (Hostess Rona, doing her best Carol Merrill impersonation.)

Steak, locally grown sweet corn and green beans, garlicky mashed potatoes and fresh heirloom tomatoes with basil and a tangy viniagrette... and that's on top of a groaning board of cheese (5 kinds), charcuterie (3 kinds), olives, spicy mustard and crostini.

(I'd have taken photos, but we were too ravenous to stop long enough to do so.)  


Busman's Holiday -- Part VI

Next, the winery trail, starting with the Round Barn Winery, Distillery, and Brewery in Baroda, MI.

If you like really, really sweet wines (I don't, but I won't look down my nose at you if you do), it's a great place.  But... it was busy, busy, busy with bus loads of people.  If you're at all claustrophobic, I'd go during the week, and not on the weekend.

Still, the scenery is beautiful.

Then, on to Dablon Vinyards, also in Baroda, but a wildly different tasting room experience!

We met and had quite a long chat with the owner, who also owns the artsy and eclectic Music Box Theatre in Chicago.  Then we started the tasting...

The owner shared the story of the winery name, and how they came up with their logo.

Contrails over the vineyard.

We scooped up three of their last six bottles of 2013 Cabernet Franc, and then split the fourth. Gorgeous stuff. 


Busman's Holiday -- Part V

Next stop?  A walk on the WILD side in Three Oaks, MI...

(This combination of racing gear and furniture and antiques was a head-scratcher.)

(Because plebeian pies just aren't good enough.)


Regular Route

How I get home each night...

... across the street, the former Chicago Mercantile Exchange building...

... and the Lyric Opera House...

... the Boeing building spears the sky...

... my friend Ethel, who I just adore...

... and my birdies, who know me by face...


Busman's Holiday -- Part IV

More Three Oaks, MI fun and adventures at Camp Grown-Ups...

(Gotta love this true country girl bride...)

The consensus of the group was that we really liked Journeyman's  W.R. (white) Whiskey and their Featherbone Bourbon, but it would be tough to make a bad choice here.