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So that No Pants Day thing I told you about yesterday? I did a little follow up follow up Google, and ran across this wonderful quote:

Oddly, it made me miss the Princess Mom, as I could clearly envision the stink-eye she'd have speared Officer Urqhart with when he uttered such silliness.

Giggle of the Day (for Venomous Kate):

funny pictures of dogs with captions
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For my gentlemen friends who don't understand the appeal of women's gymnastics:

Beauty. Flexibility. Precision muscular control. What's not to like?

I wondered when the Bright Start fiasco was finally going to bite Alexi Giannoulias, who is running for Roland Burris' senate seat (formerly held by President Chicken Little), square in the tuchas. It's about time.

In typical Illinois Democratic party fashion, they put forth a candidate whose family owns a bank with a track record of questionable dealings, links to Tony Rezsko and who badly bungled the investments for the Illinois Bright Start program, leading many, many Illinois college students and their families to be told that the funds simply weren't there to pay their first semester of college in the 2009/2010 school year. And the Dems will certainly never understand that, especially in this day and age, the voting public does not want someone who is oblivious to fiscal responsibility.

I've gotta tell, there are a lot of people who aren't going to forget that by putting their hard-earned money into risky securities, Giannoulias lost $150 million of taxpayer savings that was specifically earmarked for college educations.

Go here, read about all the candidates, and then vote your conscience.

Oh, yeah? Then show us how that's supposed to work, sir.

(I have a sneaking suspicion Chicken Little and I have a wildly different definition of "slightly".)

My Barstool Blog Son has posted a dandy little YouTube video here. Lest you think I've flipped my wig, watch the whole thing.

Then do me a favor and drop Doug a comment. I'll kick him in the butt to install a site meter. In the meantime, he needs to know someone is out there. Thanks!


Mike said...

I like her. She's stretchy.

(Further comment suppressed....)

Harper said...

Local story about Dallas No Pants train riders, mentioned this giggle-inducing quote, from the automated recording that plays on the trains and platforms, "beware of suspicious activity and unattended packages".

Omnibus Driver said...

Mikey -- I knew you'd love it!

Harper -- *Chortles gleefully*