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From Politico:
A tactic that would have seemed far-fetched a year ago, when the new president was sworn in with a 67 percent job approval rating, is now emerging as a key component of the GOP strategy: Tie Democratic opponents to Obama and make them answer for some of the unpopular policies associated with the chief executive.
The GOP has a lot to answer for, too, in creating our current financial mess and far too large federal government, so I would encourage them to listen carefully to what the public is saying and act on it now. Counting on my vote by simply being the opposition to the current administration ain't going to cut it in this election or the next. (Update: I'm not the only one who thinks this way, either!)

I really HATE attack ads, and I'm far more interested in what any candidate, Dem, GOP, Green or Lib, will do for his/her constituency.

I'm done with voting for the least harmful candidate. Give me a candidate with a clear slate of beliefs and objectives I can (mostly) agree with and a positive message, and that's who I'm voting for.

Because of this, I'll be voting in the Illinois Republican primary this year, even though I'm an independent. I really like Adam Andrzejewski for Governor, Jason Plummer for Lt. Governor, Judy Barr Topinka for Comptroller, Roger Keats for Cook County Board President, Mark Kirk for Senate (with Patrick Hughes as a strong second choice) and Joel Barry Pollack for 9th Congressional District. (If I could "cross the aisle" on this ballot, I'd be voting for Tom Dart for Cook County Sheriff. The man rocks.)

Still don't know which candidates speak most closely to your own politics? Go here, and read about them all in their own words.

If you don't vote, you can't bitch later. Educate yourself and then get yourself out on Tuesday, okay?

Update: Nice to see that Rush is getting on the bus. (Although I'm not sure if that's a help or a hindrance.)

Swiped from my Barstool Blog Son, the funniest SNL skit I've seen in a long, long time:


Governor Quinn makes a funny:
Defending his handling of the state’s deficit-plagued budget, Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn said today he’s “cut all the frills” out of state government but more tax money is needed to fund essential services.
Yeah, sure, right.

Still want to donate for Haitian relief, but haven't figured out the best way to do it? You might consider this:
On Thursday morning, Munsen and his workers from Elburn's Sun Ovens International joined with the volunteer organization Feed My Starving Children in mounting a major relief effort for Haiti.

In Thursday's deep cold, they worked together at FMSC's Chicago-area headquarters on Aurora's far East Side, loading 270,000 meals and 121 solar-powered ovens destined for the earthquake-devastated island nation. The ovens, Munsen said, also could provide long-term aid for undernourished citizens there.

"Right now, each oven we get into Haiti is going to save lives," Munsen said.

The ovens come in two types. One is a large "Villager" oven, which Munsen said can make 1,200 meals a day. The other 120 are "Family" oven units, each capable of preparing meals daily for a family of eight.
That's not short-term help; it's long-term. Donations can be sent to Friends of Haiti Organization, P.O. Box 222, Holland, OH 43528. Those wishing to contribute to Feed My Starving Children may contact the group's Web site, www.fmsc.org.

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