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At the end of the night, my site meter looks like this:

But it's the stuff that I find early in the morning that makes up that "Unknown" section that's interesting. Just you wait and see!



Ooooh! Sixteen different kinds of French toast in the Chicago area, and all of them look scrumptious. Anybody up for trying some of these with me?

High Five: I ordered this dress from b & lu yesterday... and it arrived today. I paid standard shipping and handling. These folks must really want my business!

(The dress is adorable, BTW. Now I'm going to have to find a sandy beach to wear it on...)

Update: Finally got around to trying it on. With one minor alteration needed (so you can't see all the way to my navel), it's going to be perfect -- cute, comfy and styling!

Is this really a surprise? As far as I can tell, it's just a natural extension of the IRS's marriage tax rate. It's not gay marriage that's a threat to the institution of marriage; it's the government.

I hope it's not snowing where you are, but if it is, let this be a very cautionary tale about driving too near semis in this weather.


One more reason I'm glad I don't drive any more...

Hey, Miss Nancy! Tuck this in your favorites for BlogHer 2010. Looks like very helpful stuff!

One of the benefits of posting the music I heard in Ireland on YouTube is that I've actually made a new acquaintance or two along the way. US 231 is one of them:

Yep. I do love me a toe-tapper. (Thanks, Scott!)

Later, kids. I'm off to hitch up my sled dogs and head home...

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