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Bus Fumes

Still think Islam is the religion of peace? Go read this... and then try and watch the video. I dare you.

And I dare you to believe it's a religion of peace after you're done.

Ford, it all its idiocy, has decided to roll out a Tweeting car. Don't you think it might just be distracting to try and compose a message in 140 characters or less, even if both hands were still on the wheel and your eyes were still on the road???

Stupid. Just stupid.

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erica said...

I stopped thinking Islam was a Religion of Peace somtime in between the 1929 Hebron massacre and the time those scum dumped Leon Klinghoffer's body off the side of a ship. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, now he was a real shit. He conspired with Hitler to try to meet Jews running for their lives from gas chambers with the same fate once they arrived in pre-statehood Palestine. I have no fond regard for the Religion of Peace. If they all came down with a miserable, degenerative disease tomorrow and simultaneously fell down dead, I am sure I wouldn't bat an eyelash. Except, maybe for the 3-4 Muslims I have met in my life who are nice and don't subscribe to such death-obsessed lunacy.