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Quick Stop

Oh, for crap's sake, you people in the media just don't get it, do you?

1. Health care reform is not popular. We want it. We just don't want that piece of crap the House and Senate tried to cram down our throats.

2. The stimulus and TARP bailouts are not popular. Okay, I'll give you that one. Let crappy businesses fail, and let people who can't afford the home YOU think they should own, but THEY can't afford, go back to renting... like me (who actually could afford to buy, but chooses to live more frugally).

3. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are not popular. Pick one. Commit. Fucking win one.

But, hey? What do I know?


Anonymous said...

The media has the same agenda as Obama!


Graumagus said...

1) Put down the bare minimum of guidelines to keep insurance companies from being douchebags. Make it profitable for the insurance industry to provide their product through tort reform and lowering the costs of medical care overall via removing free non-emergency care for all illegal aliens (for a start)

2) Yep, and get the government's goddamn hands out of housing. The whole collapse came about because the federal government made private businesses give loans to people they damn well knew weren't going to pay them back. Every time I hear
someone bitch about how greedy the banks were and that's why this happened, I want to kill them with my bare hands. Greed implies that the banks made a profit, instead of having to repossess property they then have to pay taxes on until they can resell it (usually at a loss).

3) Screw that. Commit to BOTH. Win BOTH. And assassinate every Mullah in Iran. Blatantly.

Graumagus said...

Oh yeah, added to #1: Open up the markets so that the insurance companies can compete across state lines. Hell, if they follow our laws and honor their claims, let foreign companies compete as well.