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Instapundit, Sisu and my political blog crush William A. Jacobson have all jumped on the Scott Brown bandwagon. Me, too!

Join the Money Bomb here. Even $5 helps.

If Massachusetts can vote in a fiscal conservative, any state can!

Don't think it'll happen?
The response continues to be overwhelmingly positive from the phone calls. I was told the response rate, which they track, and I can tell you that based on what I heard, I have every reason to believe that Rasmussen and PPP have a good understanding of how independents are breaking. Of course, I don't claim to have seen a representative statewide sample, but what I saw is consistent.

Anecdotally, there was a little more resistance in the heavily Democratic area, than I saw in the other town or on Saturday. But still, the overall numbers were very positive.
C'mon. MLK is not the only man who ever had a dream. Help Scott get to the $1 million mark. It's not that far away!

(And although I live in Illinois, I was born in Bean Town.)

Oh, the (in)humanity! Where's Oliver Stone when you need him?

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Sissy Willis said...

Best. Campaign. Ever.

Having so much fun. I agree re Professor Johnson. Like Brown himself, he's a great energizer!

Thanks for the link. Didn't realize you were a Hub native.