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Hold on to your hats, kids, because if Obama Care passes, I'm afraid we're in for not only mandatory insurance, but mandatory care:
An influential advisory panel says school-aged youngsters and teens should be screened for obesity and sent to intensive behavior treatment if they need to lose weight — a move that could transform how doctors deal with overweight children.
Governmental parenting. Nice.

But wait!
The task force is the same group of government-appointed but independent experts whose new mammogram advice startled many women in November. That guidance — that most women don't need routine mammograms until age 50 — is at odds with the American Cancer Society and several doctor groups.
Just so you know who's looking out for your and yours...

Wildly Non-PC Giggle of the Day:

the white house
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Sorry, but it made me laugh.

Speaking of things that made me laugh, feminists may not like him, by this Roissy guy occasionally nails us gals right where we live:
Please set aside your woefully inadequate male logic when attempting to predict the direction of a woman’s rationalization hamster. That little critter will always razzle dazzle your feeble efforts. You must think like the hamster if you want to influence the hamster. Be the hamster. The wheel is waiting.
You may not think that's funny... but I do. (And ask any woman who's ever really liked bad boys, he's right on the money in that post. Sad, but true.)

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Anonymous said...

I still like the bad boy, but who only looks like a bad boy - tough on the outside, gentle on the inside.

Reminds me of the Evanovich that I don't read anymore... I'll have to find some fanfic!

Miss you,