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I'm off to see Dr. Hotshot, as I'm having some sort of allergic reaction that has had my eyelids and all around my eyes puffy and itchy for days.

Later, kids.

I love Dr. Hotshot. She's blunt and she gets things done. Apparently I have some kind of contact dermatitis -- an allergic reaction to God knows what. She whipped of a scrip for a Medrol Dose Pack and made a quick phone call and shuttled me two blocks down the street to see a high flying dermatologist as a walk-in. (I'm convinced that if anyone else had made the request it would have taken me a month to get an appointment.) He gave me a topical steroid to use as well, concurred that it's an allergic reaction. So... I've got to go back and see both soon, but at least there's some relief in sight. And... with any luck... I won't resemble a Gorgon so much in a day or so.

Now I also need to find fragrance-free shampoo, conditioner and styling products, as those are the suspected culprits. Argh! Patch tests to come, once we get the evil itchy eyes cleared up. Stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

Ugh! I feel for you - I use fragranc free laundry detergent and no dryer softies now - something that just suddenly developed! I'm okay with the shampoo, so I can't suggest anything!

I hope you're not allergic to Wine! You better test it out tomorrow night. :)