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Whoa, Nelly!

I've been thinking a little bit more about the ABC article about John Edwards' admission of his illegitimate child's paternity, but, more importantly, the allegations of his former staffer that Edwards was not only allegedly suborning perjury, but also allegedly conspiring to falsify DNA evidence in anticipation of a paternity suit against him.

Yeah, I'm outraged on one level because he's a douche bag...

... but I'm outraged on another level because it seems that only ABC is pointing out that: 1) his public acknowledgement of paternity happened so close to the airing of his former campaign aide's interview on 20/20 that it can only have been done to throw up a smoke screen; and, 2) the rest of the mainstream media has seemingly paid no attention to the fact that an officer of the court has been accused of alleged illegal behavior that should have his brothers and sisters in the legal profession shouting from the rafters for him to be brought before the bar for professional ethics violations.

I ask you, where is the outrage?

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