Leslie's Omnibus

En Route to the Magic Kingdom

There's absolutely nothing in the world that's guaranteed to make me smile more than to see the shining eyes of a princess-mad four-year-old who's spellbound by seeing all of her heroines at once* at Disney On Ice -- Let's Celebrate!

The original chatterbox didn't make a peep through the entire first number, after which she applauded wildly.

TMBCITW, Sainted SIL and I had a wonderful time, too, but it was all about the magic in that little girl's eyes.

(Of course I bought the girls some over-priced swag. Of course I loaded them up with junk from the dessert cart and sno-cones with extra syrup. I'm their Auntie -- it's my job to spoil them rotten.)

*With one notable exception -- Where in the heck was Princess Aurora? How do you have a show where Maleficent makes an appearance, but Sleeping Beauty doesn't??? We're experts on Disney Princesses in this family, and we notice when one goes missing.


leeann said...

Perhaps Sleeping Beauty was doing just that?

Omnibus Driver said...

All I know is that someone was sleeping on the job of keeping the Princess count straight, and if a four-year-old could catch it, somebody at Disney on Ice should have sent Prince Charming in with the wake-up kiss and dragged blondie's butt out onto the ice to entertain my niece. Just sayin'...

Northwoods Woman said...

oh I'm sooo jealous! You are such a great Auntie!