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Confused about all the candidates on the primary ballots in Illinois? Go here for questionnaires filled out by all the different candidates, and choose the ones who, in their own words, most closely align with your own values.

I know I'll be spending a lot of time at this page!

Every single one of these Infomercials is ridiculous. This is my own particular favorite:

How about you?

You'll never look at a soda fountain the same way again. I swear. (Eeeew!)

Nice to see that Massachusetts Democrats respect their constituents' wishes. Think the Dems are going to lose seats in the current round of elections? Let 'em try a little more of this, and they'll be voted out in droves in the next round.

Thought I'd mention that tomorrow is No Pants Day on the CTA in Chicago. (My back window looked out over Berger Park at one point in my life...)

Anyhow, just thought you'd like to know.

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