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Now that Scott Brown has been elected, I hope the GOP in office make it their business to refute the premise that everyone hates health care reform.

In fact, most of us truly desire health care reform, just not that gargantuan pile of crap that the Dems are trying to ram through with zero transparency, and at a huge cost to everyone.

It's time for the boys and girls in the GOP roll up their sleeves and fix the current health care mess, one issue at a time before adding anything additional to the mix, and do it in a true bipartisan manner in the clear light of day.

If nothing else, Brown's victory in Massachusetts should be a message not only to the Dems, but also to the GOP that the voting public is not happy and are ready, willing and demonstrably able to select new representation if their elected representatives at every level don't pay attention.

Brown's victory is the beginning of the journey, not the end, by any stretch of the imagination.

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The Meezers and Billy said...

once again the democratic process works! if you're not happy - vote them out! We the people need to remember that! - Mary

HI MISSIE LESLIE!!!! - Sammy, Miles, Billy and Nicky (our the mom will post those pikshurs this week - she's just lazy........er busy with grampie)