Leslie's Omnibus

Danger! Danger! Run, Will Robinson!

Mr. X is at it again tonight.

He's schmoozing up a lovely lady. Little does he know I've fired off links to Parts I and II descriptions of what he's really like.

She probably doesn't need my help, because she already gets that he's a player on the B Team, if he's lucky.

Geeze. This guy would drive drive Roissy (who makes me giggle, but who also speaks truth) absolutely insane.

Then again... maybe I should just submit him for Beta of the Month???

Update: I've suggested that if the lovely lady he's homed in on really wants to get rid of him, she really should press him for a date. He'll head for the hills. Trust me.

One more thing. If two women are seated together, it's f*cking rude to sit and try to cut one completely out of the conversation in order to score with the other. You're showing your lack of breeding and/or manners, dude.


The Meezers and Billy said...

::raises paw:: can I say something? :-) - Sammy

Omnibus Driver said...

Yes, Sammy. I'll still adore YOU if you raise your paw!