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This is so wrong on so many levels I can't begin to tell you.

As many of you know, the Princess Mom finally succumbed not to lung cancer, which she'd had for years, but to brain cancer when the lung cancer metastasized. I'd have given anything to give her the comfort and relief a joint or a bowl or a bong or an Alice B. Toklas brownie would have given her.

In this case, the poor woman had a prescription from her doctor in a state where medical marijuana is legal, AND had a permit from the state -- but her landlord is still evicting her.

Spread the word: Do Not Rent from Gardner Group of Michigan. Not at that property. Not at any of their properties.

What leeann says goes double for me.

Traveling via CTA's elevated train system any time soon? You might want to keep this in mind:
Before someone gets hurt, and before the myth that it's unsafe to ride the CTA becomes reality, it's time to pick up your cell phone, CTA riders. Dial 911 and report crime on the transit system to the Chicago Police Department.

And do it while the perpetrators are in the act. Any criminal activity can also be reported to the Chicago Police Department's mass transit unit at 312-745-4485, or to the CTA at 312-664-7200.

In addition, it's time to jot down the badge numbers of CTA employees who don't think it's their job -- it's actually their duty -- to get involved.

CTA policy requires employees to tell the perpetrator to stop such behavior. If the individual persists, the employee is supposed to radio the control center, which will notify security or police, said CTA spokeswoman Noelle Gaffney. CTA customers are encouraged to report crimes, including thefts, assaults and harassment, to CTA and the police, so officials can provide increased security where it is needed, Gaffney said.

Report employees who are not carrying out this duty to 888-968-7282 or send an e-mail with details, including the date, time, location and transit route, to: feedback@transitchicago.com.
And stay off your cell phones, BlackBerries and iPods, too. Thieves have gotten downright brazen and will walk right up and take it from you if you're not paying attention.

Ummmmm... about that global warming thing?

Quote of the Day, Part I:
“I am an automotive diagnostician,” Mr. Seyfer said. “We look for the root cause of problems. If we treat the symptoms, the problem always comes back. With health care, we are not treating the root cause: Why does it cost so much?”
Quote of the Day, Part II:

Ron Vaughn, who provides health insurance to his 60 employees at Argonaut Wine and Liquor near the state Capitol, said: “I’m a middle-of-the-road kind of guy. I want the Democrats out of my pocket and Republicans out of my bedroom. The one word I would use for what’s going on in Washington is embarrassing. I am embarrassed for Republicans and for Democrats. They started out on the right foot, but it’s degenerated.

“Republicans misled people and tried to scare seniors by putting out misinformation about death panels,” Mr. Vaughn said. “Then to pass a bill in the Senate, Democrats stooped to bartering for votes. It demeans the whole process.”

Yes, these people speak to me.

Got a teenage daughter? Show her this. It's a lesson I wish I learned way before turning 40.

(And make sure she reads the Jag Carrao links. Those posts pack a powerful punch.)

Quote of the Day, Part III (because Juliette rocks):

This is the deal: if you’re assisting in the redistribution of wealth to its “rightful owners,” you get a pass on telling an unflattering racial truth. If you’re “doing something to for black people,” you get to let a “racist” thought slip through your lips or out of your word processor. It’s why old Klansmen like Senator Robert Byrd can even use phrases like “white n*gger” and still sit in the US Senate.

You're allowed to "abuse" black people with one hand if you’re giving them things out of the other.

The truth hurts, doesn't it?

The question is here. The answer is another question: "Fallout? What fallout?"

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