Leslie's Omnibus

Bus (Per)Fumes

The Blommer Chocolate Company was roasting cocoa beans this morning.

My trip over the bridge smelled like this...

... and this...

... and this...


En Route

I just love the colors of Autumn!

Zoom, Zoom III


Zoom, Zoom II


Zoom, Zoom


Tooting the Horn

Hard to believe it, but this thing's been up and (mostly) running for 10 years.  Yay!

Book Your Ticket

May 2014 reading list:

  • The Flyer, Stuart Harrison (fiction, WWI, aviation, UK, France)
  • A Danger to Himself and Others, J.E. Fishman (thriller)
  • Sweet Dead Life, Joy Preble (YA, fantasy, family)
  • The Hidden Legacy of World War II: A Daughter's Journey of Discovery, Carol Schultz Vento (WWII, PTSD, psychology)
  • Battery Brothers, Steven Carman (YA, fiction, family, baseball)
  • Shoveling Snow, Brett Sills (YA, fiction, family)
  • The Bone Church, Victoria Doughterty (fiction, WWII, Czechoslovakia)
  • The Spring, Clifford Irving (legal thriller, fantasy)
  • Bloody Lessons, M. Louisa Locke (historical mystery, Victorian era)
  • In Search of a Love Story, Rachel Schurig (chick lit, romance)
  • The Convict, The Rookie Card and the Redemption of Gertie Thump, Becky Lyn Rickman (cozy, mystery, humor)
  • Fifty Dates with Captain Cavedweller, Shanna Hatfield (autobiography, self-help, humor)
  • Dear Mr. Knightly, Katherine Reay (fiction)
  • Barefoot in the Dark, Lynne-Barrett-Lee (chick lit, romance, humor)
  • Suncatchers, Jamie Langston Turner (fiction, faith, religion, sociology)
  • City of Thieves, David Benioff (fiction, WWII, suspense, Russia)
  • The Gaugin Connection, Estelle Ryan (fiction, thriller, art forgery, autism)
  • Simple Riches, Mary Campisi (chick lit, romance)
  • The Paris Architect, Charles Belfoure (fiction, WWII, thriller, France)
  • A Dead Red Oleander, R.P. Dahlke (mystery, cozy, humor, goats)
  • Famous in a Small Town, Diana Anderson (Southern fiction, thriller)
  • Redesigning Rose, Lydia Laceby (chick lit, divorce, humor)
  • The Long Way Home, Karen McQuestion (chick lit, friendship, cozy)
  • Red Clover, Florence Osmund (fiction, family, autism)
  • Welcome to Fred, Brad Whittington (fiction, family, faith, adolescence, humor, Texas)
  • To Love a Cat, Billi Tiner (chick lit, romance, humor)
  • Kicking the Habit, Kari Lee Townsend (murder mystery, religion, humor)
  • The Clear Light of Day, Penelope Wilcock (fiction, religion, faith, romance)
  • The Heartbreak Cafe, Melissa Hill (chick lit, cozy)
  • Orphan Train, Christian Baker Kline (fiction, history, immigration, Minnesota)
  • The Poisoned Pilgrim: A Hangman's Daughter Tale, Oliver Potzsch (murder mystery, historical fiction, Germany)
  • Cocktail Hour, Tara McTiernan (chick lit, friendship)
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