Leslie's Omnibus

Driving Distracted

The ultimate in time wastage may be found here. Seriously, don't go there unless you want to be sucked into the vortex for the entire day.


This site makes People of Walmart look well dressed.

Three little quotes from Crazy Things Parents Say:
Mom: what’s a/s/l?
Me: age. sex. location.
Mom: Oh. 42, sporadic, at home.
Me: Oh gross.
Mom: You did so bad in school the Super Nintendo called to speak to me!
Me: You mean superintendent?
Mom: That’s what I said!
And this little gem, which I swear my BlogDaddy submitted in reference to his first wife (that "Sally" name is a lie):
We’ll cross that bridge when we throw her off of it.
Then again, it could be me he's talking about, especially if he's pissed at my politics...

Anyhoodle... gotta run!

Speaking of my BlogDaddy, for the love of all that's holy, don't tell him about this. That's gotta be the ultimate in geek pr()n!

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