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... to that Man* behind the curtain!

Fausta is furious that the DDfDDDB** has inserted himself into Haiti with a team bringing doctors and medical supplies to do... what exactly?

According to Saint Elizabeth:
Edwards' wife Elizabeth told the Charlotte Observer that "whatever the naysayers say is the truth is, John actually cares about poverty issues."
Right. The poverty issue he cares most about is hanging onto his law license, and by throwing up more smoke and mirrors and "good deeds" he's hoping like hell that the media won't notice that not only did he suborn the perjury of a campaign aid, not only did he bribe the mother of his illegitimate child with campaign funds, but he also allegedly attempted pervert justice by falsifying DNA evidence in anticipation of a paternity suit and 20/20 will be airing the interview with the aide he begged to do his dirty work shortly.

Oh, yeah... and he's attempting to curry the favor of the White House, too:
A senior administration official told CBS News chief political consultant Marc Ambinder that Edwards, who visited Haiti a year ago, had informed the Obama White House that he wanted to go to Haiti and help out before the trip.

"I am told that this declaration was met with silence," Ambinder told CBSNews.com.
Does this guy not get that he's political poison?

Then again, he's a Democrat who doesn't get it. Maybe Obama should find an unassigned Czar title and invite him aboard the S.S. Clusterf*ck that is Team Obama...


**Dumpster-Diving for Diaper DNA Douche Bag

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Anonymous said...

And now the National Enquirer is putting their bid in for the Pulitzer. In this upside down world we live in this past year, anything can happen!