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Entertainment on the Bus

My youngest niece, at barely 18 months, gave notice on Easter Day that I am no longer the only karaoke queen in the family:

Rock on, TMPAE!

(More pictures tomorrow. Busy, busy, busy today!)

Update: If you can't see the image, it may still be going through the YouTube acceptance process. If so, come back later. You'll laugh yourself silly, just like I did.


imp said...

Good lawd! How cute is she? Alert! Alert! Adorable overload!!

Chickie Carmarthen said...

Love the throw-down of the mic at the end, typical diva.

Livey said...

Awww too cute!

Erica said...

Ay, yay, yay....that was hysterical!, and I *love* the Judy Garland theatrics at the end.

[/whispers to crowd] "...why....then O why....can't I?"