Leslie's Omnibus


Well that was interesting... and fast.

Mr. Cab Driver's Sleezy Lawyer (MCDSL) made a motion to have the ticket invalidated because the issuing officer it apparently made some mistakes, used a little Wite-Out, and corrected both the original and the copy given to Mr. Cab Driver (MCD). MCDSL intimated that there was no way to tell what direction MCD was going on Clinton Street.*

Issuing officer was apparently not in court.

Prosecuting attorney noted that I was in the courtroom and more than happy to testify which direction MCD had been traveling.

No. MCDSL most definitely did not want my testimony as to the direction MCD was going, as "she has her own set of interests in all of this."

Damn straight I do, Skippy.**

The ticket is being amended. New court date of May 29th.

Stay tuned, sports fans. I'm a good witness... and I'm really pissed off.

*Just as an FYI, Clinton Street is a southbound one-way street. Any idiot with Mapquest, Mapblast, Google or Yahoo! can figure out what direction he was going. And if MCD and or MCDSL don't know that, then MCD shouldn't be driving a Chicago taxi. (And I'd prefer he didn't drive one anyway.)

**And if I hadn't already decided to pursue personal injury damages (and I had not), you just gave me a great big shove in that direction. Wanker.


Legal Pauper said...

Hey there, I would love to have to have you as my witness. You'll knock'em dead.

Anonymous said...

How is your back and neck by the way?

Wait, don't answer that... It's not time yet.