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Speaking of LL, she also steered me towards an article which provides the Quote of the Day:
They might melt the first one, but they probably won't get to the second one.
That'll teach anyone who's fencing stolen scrap metal!

Compare and contrast and then discuss among yourselves. This is a problem we really ought to pay more attention to.

This is an interesting read, from an even more interesting source. Kudos to Slate for presenting a fair and balanced article.

Not content with just the state of Illinois, Drew Peterson and Joel Brodsky reach out to taint the national jury pool.
In fact, Brodsky said, his strategy for keeping his client out of jail runs counter to the traditional lawyerly advice of having him keep quiet. Instead, Brodsky wants to put Peterson in the public eye.

"I think in the long run, people are going to say how smart I am to have done it this way," Brodsky said. "I think it's the only way."
Smart like a fox.

More SNOW??? Nooooooooooooooo!!! (Happy weekend to you, too.)

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