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Pammy hits the high points of almost everything I want in a political candidate. The only one she left out? I want a candidate who knows the definition of and practices fiscal responsibility.

Humorous Pictures

This photo reminds me of my (feline) stud male, DT, who had the same crabby-ass look on his face, but was the sweetest boy on the planet. Sigh. I should be so lucky as to find a real boyfriend half as loving....

Six more words...

Christine, who tempts me outrageously with beeeee-yuuuuuu-tee-ful jools, has hit me with the six words meme from last week.

Here you go:
Everything that goes around comes around.
And just in case those of you who I didn't tag the last time are feeling neglected... and to provoke the widest range of responses... Hmmmm....

Barb from Bloggo Chicago
General Kang at the Skwib

That oughta do it.

Today's ear worm... and one of my favorite songs. This is one that I like to listen to in the car with the windows rolled down, the stereo cranked up and sing at the top of my lungs... with my left foot tapping out the beat.

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GUYK said...

the fact that John McCain has a record of fiscal responsibility is the only reason that I can support him..not really..there are two more..Obama and Hillary Clinton