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No Smoking On The Bus

I didn't want to make a big deal out of it if I failed again, so I've held off writing about my latest escapades in trying to quit the demon tobacco until I knew I was successful.

Wouldn't you know, I got bounced from the study? Somehow or other I didn't fit their parameters.

That bummed me out... even though I really was dreading the awful side effects of the nicotine patch that I knew I'd have to use.

And then a funny thing happened. I actually had to go visit my doctor's office.

After most of the bumps, contusions and bruises cleared up (oh, I still have a few!), I finally got around to discussing the whole smoking issue with Dr. Hot Stuff, as I know it's a bad, bad thing to do with my genetic disposition towards throwing blood clots.

We discussed my past success (quit a 3 pack per day habit cold turkey and stayed quit for 10 years) and failures (all it took was 1 cigarette, and it led to too many attempts to quit to count). I admitted that I dreaded the patch, hated the gum and lozenges and absolutely loathed the nasal spray. Zyban was okay, but only helped to ratchet my smoking habit down a notch.

Dr. Hot Stuff suggested that I try Chantix, as it doesn't contain nicotine, and helps block the brains craving for the nasty stuff. Her concern was that if I had had wild dreams on the patch (and boy, oh, boy, did I!) that it might also be problem with Chantix.

To be honest, I was really psychologically ready to quit, and figured that there was a beginning, middle and end to the dosing schedule that I could probably live with. So I tried it.

And I'm smoke-free.

Not crawling the walls.

Not eating everything in sight.

Not snapping people's heads off.

Not losing sleep.

Holy moly! I want to kiss every single member of the research staff that developed this stuff.

It's not that I don't get the urge every once in a while, but it's not an overwhelming urge and I can usually make it go away fast.

Believe me when I say that I've tried to quit many, many times in the past, and it has always been a painful process.

Not this time.

I feel good about this.


Northwoods Woman said...

I'm on day 24! I still get cravings now and then, but they are managable. Especially because I refuse to buy a pack of smokes. If they aren't around, I can't smoke them and the urge fades.

I'm so glad you quit too! And so proud too! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey, that Chantix worked as advertised.

It helped me break a 50 year addiction. Of course I am paying for that 50 years now with emphysema, and sometimes I just can't seem to catch my breath.

well as Frank sang, That's Life.

Glad to hear you have conquered the beast

Anonymous said...

I got incarcerated for 3 days.(I don't recommend this treatment). Cured me pretty good from the cravings, but, if I had 'em, I had to smoke 'em. They gave 'em back when I got out, and smoke one, I did. Now, I just bitch 'bout the taxes on 'em.

Congrats on the down time. Must feel like gettin' a raise. Really!