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Got this from my pal Mr. Bill and it just made me giggle:


Speaking of giggles, Elizabeth sent me this. It's infectious!

Methinks that Alan Keyes is getting ready to apply for the U.S. Olympic wig-flipping team. If practice makes perfect, he'll be team captain.

(A tip of the cap to Glen Reynolds.)

Nope. Didn't feel it. But then again, I can sleep through almost anything. It must have been something, as folks from the town next door to mine to central Illinois to Indiana to Wisconsin did feel it!

You don't suppose it's related in any way to this, do you?

Plate tectonics always did fascinate me...

I hate to say it, but that CTA motorman was right. Those people were absolutely stupid for getting off an electric train stuck in a tunnel -- especially if they couldn't see and didn't have their Spider-Sense set for "third rail."

Those idiots could have gotten themselves killed.

And then their families would have sued CTA... and that motorman... for not stopping the stoopnagles.

I took this funny little test today and whaddayaknow?

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I like words. Go figure.

(A tip of the cap to Col.)

Update: My first Cripple-lanche! Thanks, Denny!

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Anonymous said...

hehe.. you did way better in the word department than I.