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Today's ear worm can be found here. I love me some Randy Travis.

Knowing how I feel about protesters trying to put out the Olympic torch during the relay, my BlogDaddy sent me this so I can actually DO something about it. Heh.

He also asked how my leg's coming along. I've still got a good bit of cellulitis and edema from the knee down, along with a couple of stubborn-to-heal scabs and one big (very tender) hematoma right behind my knee that's taking it's own sweet time to go away. Dr. Hotstuff says it'll probably be another ten days before I see a big difference.

The only thing I can do to affect anything here is keep my foot elevated above the level of my heart so the swelling will go down.

The next time I have to spend this much time flat on my back with my feet elevated, I damned well better be having a hell of a lot more fun.

This is getting old, folks.

Do me a favor and go send my kid a hug. I think she needs more than one today!

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