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I'm working on a post, but have to cool down before I commit my thoughts to posterity.

What set me off, you ask?

The sheer hubris in this op ed:
Say you are a white person who's at a dinner party and a subject involving race surfaces. The topic could be about anything: from the comments made by Barack Obama's former pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright to Bill Cosby's cross-country tour promoting personal responsibility and self-reliance.

So what do you do? Engage in the conversation or determine where the booze is being served and cozy up to a cocktail in another room?

A recently published Northwestern University study looks at white people who avoid racial conversations and even interracial interactions primarily because they are so afraid they will say something that's not politically correct and it will make them appear prejudiced.

That someone would avoid a situation that might make them seem racist is not surprising.
Check back tomorrow. It'll be a humdinger. I guarantee.

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Nancy said...

I'd walk away if I didn't know to whom I was speaking. There's no way to "win" an arguement with a racist. It's like wrestling with a pig in the mud. All that happens is the pig gets happy and you get muddy.