Leslie's Omnibus


Received from my pal Elizabeth, this had me spewing my morning cuppa joe all over the monitor:

Passion pants. You've gotta love it.

Spicy tuna rolls with brown rice and the hottest wasabi I've ever stumbled across for lunch today. Ah! Sinuses. I know I've got 'em now.

Okay. I admit that having been to summer camp many a time, this struck my funny bone like a mallet:

humorous pictures

My heart goes out to this guy. (Snerk.)

Between the offshore Oregon earthquakes, the Midwest earthquake and aftershocks, and now the tremblers in Reno, I'm beginning to wonder if Illinois will literally become the new "left coast" some time in the near future.


I don't recall ever seeing or reading about this much seismic activity all across the U.S. all at once.

Geeze, Louise. Now I'm feeling pretty lucky it was only a cab that hit me.

Is it me, or does it get harder and harder to force yourself out the front door every day?

Arghhhhh!!! It's never going to end. Never. (And how 'bout that global warming, anyway?)

Seeing Woody Guthrie's grandkid provoked today's ear worm:

One I learned to play and sing back in my hippy-dippy days.

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