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I saw this Mary Mitchell op ed in the Sun Times this morning, and just about lost my breakfast on the spot.

We all know how I feel about the whole racist blame game, right? But since I'm anxiety-ridden and/or a bigot (we're No. 1), I figured I'd punt the link over to someone who is not either to address Ms. Mitchell's screed.


Baldilocks rocks.

(P.S. -- You notice that I avoided approaching a black person about this subject because it makes me so uncomfortable I just want to sneak out of the room and grab a cocktail, right?)

On a lighter note:

You Are a Strawberry Blonde

Men see you as flirtatious, but they also see you as a challenge

Because you're totally fearless and carefree

You've got the lightheartedness of a blonde, with the attitude of a redhead

Blame Richmond.

To further stir the pot, I agree completely with this policy. It's about damned time.

Jeebus! They spotted another one. This is getting spooky!

I've been missing The Divine Miss Marilyn something fierce, so when I spotted this little quiz over at Dragonheart and Merlin's joint, I figured I'd play it in her memory:

Yep. My sweet girl certainly was a diva.

Posting will be light to nonexistent from now through the 11th, as I'm off tomorrow afternoon for a cruise to celebrate the Princess Mom's birthday.

That is, of course, unless anyone out there wants the keys to the bus?

Shoot me an email at omnibus dot driver at gmail dot com if you're interested.

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Northwoods Woman said...

Miss Marilyn was indeed a diva! I miss her too. Hugs. Love ya!