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It's too bad we don't have punishments like this available in the U.S. criminal justice system:

If that wouldn't deter men from going to prison, nothing would. Cruel and unusual punishment, indeed... but just try to keep your feet from tapping along in time to the music. Can't be done.

And, of course, that song has become the ear worm of the day. Argh!

(A tip of the cap to Perez Hilton for that bit of silliness.)

I suspected it all along... and it explains why some of those Hollywood types look like their own exaggerated Madame Tussauds figures... but it tickles me to no end!

Received this little gem from my pal Elizabeth, who must've had a mom just like mine:

There's not one word or phrase in there that hasn't sprung from the lips of the Princess Mom at least once a day as I was growing up!

Now, if you haven't had enough of that "Momsense," here's the "Dadsense" rebuttal:


Leave it to birthday boy Jay (sorry it's a belated wish!) to come up with this little gem:
Congratulations, you're worth MORE in bed than the average ($226.22330837689) person taking this quiz!

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Great minds think alike.

If this bit of international espionage isn't enough to convince you that China is not our friend, this should definitely clinch it for you:
[Celine Dion's concert being cancelled] ...will disappoint Dion's fans in the capital where "My Heart Will Go On," her song from "Titanic," still China's most-watched film, is played everywhere like an unofficial national anthem.
If that's not evil, I don't know what is.

Final thought:

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